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Here are some comments from our customers

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Rebecca D.

 I am so PLEASED that I booked Terry. The cake was AMAZING and a work of art (we had a Castle Cake). To quote my MIL: “The best wedding cake I ever had,” and she loves her cakes.  Our cake was EXACTLY how we wanted it, even down to the pewter colored steps.The wait-staff at BMI was in total awe over the cake. A few of them came out to us before we entered the reception to tell us how wonderful it looked.


Sheila From LGA

Hi, Terry, we're at LGA ready to head home.

The cake was perfect. It was just exactly what the couple wanted. The parents of the bride were so pleased as well. And no one knew who hadn't been told. Just amazing.

The photographers got the shots, and we'll get you one (digital) as soon as they are available. 

Thank you again for your amazing responsiveness. We are so grateful. 

Warm regards,


Wedding Cake
She Fakes The Cake
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This was an excellent way to still cut cake while not incurring the enormous cost of a massive wedding cake. I highly recommend it.

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